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And Then Shit Got Serious….

Today is  my last day in the office. I start my new gig on Monday. Bosshole waved as he walked out yesterday – goodbye or good luck. Not even a bat of the eye, honestly. There wasn’t much fanfare for someone who worked with me for 13 years. But as a bonus, he did forget something at work and texted me to please bring it to him after my shift ended.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t.

But on to bigger news. I am on my way to being an adult, leaving my job of 13 years and starting a new one.

Know how I know? I just cleaned all my juiceboxes out of the work fridge and shoved them in  my bag. Adulthood, here I come.

…but I can bring a juicebox, right?

Work Woahs.

I usually write about my work woes. But instead I will call this one a work woah. I am cleaning out my desk, as I’m the last person in my office tonight.

I took the other job offer. I will start on the 9th. So I am telling work on this coming Monday. That gives them a week notice. They usually escort you off the property immediately. So I feel like a week is good. And I feel like I’m as nervous as I was on my last first date. Maybe worse. I’ve been here 13 years. I’ve turned a bevy of milestones here. I turned 21, I got lower car insurance when I turned 25, I had to get insurance here for the first time and not be on my parents’ policies for health insurance, I turned 30 here. I lost my Dad (well we know where he is, but he died) while I was here. I graduated from college while I was here. I got  promoted here. I got my own first office here. I got my first company car here. I mean the firsts go on and on.

This means leaving here is a huge WOAH.

I’ve been waiting for something better. I’ve been preparing for this moment for at least 12 of the last 13 years. My new job is killer. I should be excited. Instead, I feel nauseous. I’m not prepared to be the outsider. I’ll miss some of the people here more than I should.

But mostly – I’m concerned that every day interactions with New Girl will now cease. And what will I write about?

Who To Follow?

That’s a legitimate question. I know I don’t have many followers (yet, of course heh) – but I imagine you all have some good ideas on who to follow, yes? Please feel free to share them with me. I don’t have many people active on my Reader dashboard. And that’s sad. I want to not only snark my way through a few blog posts, but also read some good stuff. Those of you I do follow already? I’m loving it. Keep it up.

My main question is:

How does WordPress know what kind of blogger I am? I keep getting suggestions from them on the left side of my Reader screen. It says: Bloggers Like You Follow. But the options are philosophical blogs. Does WordPress not know me well enough, yet? Or has my office been moved to a mountain top and I’m just here to dole out advice?

True story: I wanted to make Philosphy my third major in college. My father said “Do you ever want a job? Do you think someone is going to come down from the mountaintop and offer you a job sitting there?”

Yes. Yes I do. And my moment has arrived. And with Google? I bet this philosophy gig has gotten even easier.


Now, get to climbing, people. I have advice to give out.