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Shark Tank Look Out

This isn’t a surprise to those who know me, but my phone is too full of pictures. I had to delete over 1500 last night to finally get the latest upgrade.

As I slowly go through them, I find some great screenshot pics. I imagine I started saving them to share with all you, but my new job is so amazing I forget to be snarky here.

This one is when Bestie was at his parents’ house and texted me about his father. I know the rest of the conversation was probably amazing. But I didn’t save that. ….of course


“BRB, Going to China.” – The Cat

I am lucky enough to have some great (and hilarious) people in my life. When situations arose that meant I needed to leave my house for awhile, I called my best friend. Who immediately came in and took care of my house and my animals. What can I say – I am a lucky (and snarky) girl. Things haven’t gotten exactly better, but they have become different. The end of the story is that I had to permanently relocate. El Dog and La Cat were still at the house with the best friend. Who was awesome enough he would take, honor, and cherish El Dog but he couldn’t take La Cat with him and I couldn’t rehome El Dog with me, since he basically tries to rip the throats out of the other animals at my home.

It’s a sad story, right? I know. But he loves my best friend. My best friend loves him. And it’s for the best. For everyone. Doesn’t mean I miss him less. Nor does it mean that Bestie (He’s going to love that that’s his nickname) doesn’t miss La Cat, either. He lived with her for years. And even though she’s terrible and mean and slightly disfigured (okay, she isn’t) we both love her. This means the last few weeks, as the animals get readjusted to their new digs that we have sent a lot of texts back and forth about them. Here is just a glimpse from last night.

blog1                                                                                    blog2


Texts From Today

I used to work with my friend. She wasn’t my friend until she worked there. Then we realized we were both snarky bitches and couldn’t live without each other. She had a party scheduled for Sunday but apparently had to cancel them, according to our lively chat this afternoon.




She’s not so much a super secret agent as she is a postal employee. But you have to use what pull you have, right? She’s all I got.