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Fixed It!

I saw this on Twitter, this evening:


So sweet, right? And rubbish. Because,  at my ripe old age, with my busy schedule? I dream of this, instead:


But, as all girls do – I also dream bigger than just that. I long for even more.


Sounds like a good Sunday to me.

I was going to send this and then thought….it’s okay to dream. But you also have to be realistic. Life isn’t always a fairy tale. So I made it more true to life. And, I have to say, I think I nailed it.


Yeah. That’s a good summary. But I still think the sleeping in that late part is a bit far fetched. It’s worse than a Sandra Bullock romcom. Sounds great, but never gonna happen.

I’ll Take An Ariana Frap and a Shaq Latte

Co-worker (herein referred to as Foxy) text me to say she’d be at my site shortly and would I and/or BossLady like something from Starbucks.

I usually say no. Today, not so much. Instead, this happened.


When she dropped it off she said, “When I ordered it that way, there was dead silence on the other end of the intercom. And then so much laughter.”

You’re welcome, world. I showed up today.


I stop for a coffee or a Diet Coke on my way to work a few times a week. Okay, almost every day. Alright, fine, I try to not go every day. But it’s hard.

I pay attention to people around me. My parents drilled “be aware of your surroundings” into my head from a small age. Dad would quiz me about what people were wearing when we got home. I’m sure it started as a way to keep me safe and keen to what was going on around me. I doubt they minded, though, when they realized I people watch and snark out loud about them. As an adult, I’ve been told to stop numerous times by my parents. Not because it’s wrong as much as they don’t want to get caught laughing.

Point is: I pay attention at the gas station. And every single day someone gets to the front of the line and can’t find their money. Or they take forever to pull out their wallet.

….are these people genuinely surprised they have to pay? Do they think that you get to the front of the line and expect balloons to fall amongst the confetti raining from the ceiling?

I genuinely have no grasp on this one. And it happens. Every. Single. Day. At least once. “Wait, what? I have to pay for my sunflower seeds and Monster Energy drink? Well, I have never!”

The girl with two dollars in her hands this morning. One for the coffee and one for the Diet Coke.

Yeah, that’s right. I got one of each today. And I still had my payment ready.

Oh look. Here come the balloons. And right after I paid. Crap.