We Broke New Girl.

See? We broke her.


Earlier today, Seamstress stumbled along the article about the woman who made yogurt from her vagina. I have seen the headlines around social media, but felt no need to read them.

Seamstress realized what had been seen could not be unseen and started to tell us. She was grossing herself out, gagging as she read bits. I found it humorous, until I was under my desk unplugging something. Suddenly she said “she tasted it. Oh God, she tasted it.” Still laughing, I said “well how did it taste?”

I was kidding people. I did not anticipate she was going to respond with direct quotes that included words like “sour” or “tingly”, nor did I expect I would suddenly heave loudly.

I hear shuffling and a “why would she do that? Oh God, no. Make it stop.” And turned around to see New Girl hiding under her desk.

Someone stuck their head in our office a few minutes later, as I was wiping away the laughter tears to ask us if someone had thrown up in there.

Luckily I left early, which gave me time to send these texts as I sat at the bank.


…..I wonder if she needs a marketing director.

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