Getting real tired of your shit, Autocorrect.

In the span of two days my autocorrect has made affordable and adorable interchangeable more than once.

“You look afforable.”
“That baby actually looks affordable.”

I never lie if a baby is ugly (and they aren’t all beautiful snowflakes, trust me) so I’m pretty sure it’s more believable that I said to one friend that our other friend’s baby looks affordable instead of adorable. I never even corrected myself. And they didn’t question it.

….I’m not sure what that says about me.
Or my friend.

I have, however, decided that adorable should be stricken from my vocabulary. I will start using aesthetically pleasing instead.

Today, you look aesthetically pleasing.

2 thoughts on “Getting real tired of your shit, Autocorrect.

  1. I texted a client asking them if they wanted to take something for a test drive the other day. Only it came out “Twat drive” ….now, I’m vulgar. But I have never texted the word twat from my work phone. And you can’t unsend that crap. If you could die of mortification? I would have. So clearly that’s not featured on the “1000 ways to die” videos.

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